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Client and Business Goals:

The client is a PUNE-based Dance & Fitness studio located at Koregaon Park, Pune, a home to Osho. Provide Dance & Yoga based fitness program and dance classes to their members. With growing number of classes and members. The client team approach us to help them build a CRM that will streamline their work process and customer engagement.

Challenge & Opportunity

With their growing membership and market reach, they faced the challenge of scaling and managing their business, as their business required continuous engagement with prospect customers, providing relevant information, broken manual enrollment process and membership tracking. As the business process taking over their core values they want to solution to improve their team productivity and improve business process using technology.


We advice the client to go for Webapp and Mobile app approach. With WebApp, we help them to streamline their member and lead management. With mobile app they able to manage their leads efficiently and using template based message they able to shared the required information with their potential client within few seconds. With our technology solution, the client able to improve their productivity by 40%, able to manage their customer data more efficiently and engage their customers through various touch points to provide higher satisfaction to their customers.

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