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Case Study: - Enabling pro traders to utilize the power of Market Profile charts

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Client Introduction

Our client is a team of experienced traders and financial analysts who are passionate about helping traders make informed decisions in the market. Their focus is on providing charting and analytical tools for the Market Profile and Options Markets, which can be complex and difficult to navigate without the right information. They believe that with the right tools and education, traders can make better decisions and improve their chances of success. Our client Charts offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help traders analyze and interpret market data in real-time. Their platform is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for traders of all experience levels to access and use our tools.

Client Story

Our client are amongst the earliest adopters of Market Profile and OrderFlow here in India. Today they exclusively work on it . They have never shied away from the use of technology or hesitated to use our experience in these markets to have an edge over a competitive Trading world. They realised that the markets, especially in the shorter form, have changed a lot post-2007 and today’s algo driven markets require more competitive strategies.


Our client wanted to build a web application to showcase live trading charts and provide stock market analysis. However, with their domain expertise, they were looking for a company that could work on their vision and convert it into a real software. They wanted to expose the web app to their existing customer base of more than 1000+ customers. Therefore, they wanted a solution that could handle more than 1 lakh data points at a single screen and simultaneously handle more than 1000 sessions at a time.

Why They Chose Us For Development

After researching various web development companies, Our client chose us because of our expertise in React JS technology and our experience in developing high-performance web applications. They were impressed with our ability to deliver agile methodology based projects and appreciated our communication style throughout the project.


We suggested our client to use React JS technology, as it is a proven technology that can handle lakhs of data points in milliseconds. Our team developed a web application that showcased live trading charts and provided stock market analysis. The web app was designed to handle 1 lakh data points and simultaneously handle more than 1000 sessions at a time. We also provided role based access to different sections in a WebApp to their customers based on the subscription model.


Our client was extremely satisfied with the web app developed by our team. The application was well-received by their existing customers and helped them gain new ones as well. Our team's ability to deliver the project within the given timeframe and budget, while ensuring high-quality standards, earned us our client trust and we continue to work with them on their future vision & projects.

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