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Case Study: The Feet Circus - Streamlining Business Processes and Improving Customer Engagement

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Client Introduction

The Feet Circus is a premium dance and fitness studio located in Koregaon Park, Pune, India. The studio provides dance and yoga-based fitness programs and dance classes to their members. The Feet Circus is known for their high-quality service and is loved by everyone. With a growing number of classes and members, The Feet Circus approached our company to help them build a CRM that would streamline their work process and customer engagement.

Client Story

The Feet Circus believes in providing alternative holistic health approaches through dance movement and yoga-based programs to their members. They believe that anyone can be healthy through the practice of body movement, which is an essential part of dance and yoga. They believe that movement has tremendous magic on our body and mental health. The Feet Circus has established itself as one of the best premium dance and fitness studios in the last 5 years. They recently achieved a milestone of teaching over 5000+ members across the globe through their offline and online model.


With their growing membership and market reach, The Feet Circus faced the challenge of scaling and managing their business effectively. As their business required continuous engagement with prospective customers, providing relevant information, and managing a manual enrollment process and membership tracking, they found it difficult to balance these tasks with their core values of providing high-quality dance and fitness programs. The business process was starting to take over their core values, and they recognized the need for a solution that would improve their team's productivity and streamline their business processes using technology.

Why They Chose Intertwine For Development

The Feet Circus chose our company for their development project because of our team's expertise in building technology solutions that streamline business processes and improve customer engagement. We have a proven track record of delivering successful projects, particularly in the areas of CRM and customer engagement. Our team has extensive experience in agile development methodologies, which enabled us to work closely with The Feet Circus team to understand their specific needs and tailor the solution to their unique business requirements. We were able to collaborate effectively with The Feet Circus team throughout the project, delivering the solution on time and within budget. In addition, our company has a strong focus on technology expertise, particularly in the areas of data management, analytics, and customer engagement. This allowed us to provide a comprehensive solution that not only streamlined The Feet Circus's business processes but also provided them with valuable insights into their customer data.


We provided The Feet Circus with a customized CRM solution that helped them streamline their business processes and reduce their workload by 50%. Our solution also included a mobile app that allowed them to share customer inquiry details within seconds using a unique, template-based message approach, which was highly appreciated by The Feet Circus admin team. Our CRM solution enabled The Feet Circus team to manage their customer data more efficiently and engage their customers through various touchpoints, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. With the mobile app, The Feet Circus team could easily access customer information and respond to inquiries quickly, improving their response time and overall customer experience. The template-based message approach in the mobile app was a unique feature that allowed The Feet Circus team to send consistent and personalized messages to their customers, which further improved customer engagement and satisfaction. The Feet Circus admin team found this feature highly useful, as it reduced the time and effort required to send messages manually.


Our customized CRM solution helped The Feet Circus team to work more efficiently, engage their customers more effectively, and ultimately provide a better experience for their customers with our technology solution.

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